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Diamond tools and machines for professional users

when it comes to tools and machines you should not accept any compromise concerning quality because this fact does influence your competitiveness enormously. bluetec consequently supplies premium diamond tools and innovative high performance machines doing the job fast, precice and proper.


Diamond cutting blade for high precicion

Diamond cutting blades are used for cutting concrete, granite, natural stone and tiles. The diamond cutting blade "cuts everything" does cut additionaly glas, plastics, wood, cast iron, metal and stainless steel, which makes this blade a unique performer for rescue services, pipeline construction as well as in the renovation of civil construction. Available for angle grinders, cut-off saws and table saws.


diamond concrete grinding wheels for professionals

To grind concrete, concrete floors and greasy stuff (glue or oil laquer) you use our premium diamond grinding wheels for concrete grinders. Please always remind, a good diamond grinding wheel does excuse being used on a crab machine but a faulty tool can destroy the best machines.


diamond core drills for the professional

we do provide diamond core drills for diamond core drilling machines (wet) with standard threads 1/2" BSP and 11/4" UNC for concrete and reinforced concrete as well as for diamond drilling machines (dry) with threads 1/2" female and M16 male for bricks.

diamond drills for plug sockets

our diamond drill bits for plug sockets do perform perfectly in bricks, lime stone (very dense), clinker, poroton and concrete

Diamond drilling machines - made in EU

A diamond drilling machine for fasteners does drill in seconds holes for fasteners and anchors up to Ø 35 mm in reinforced concrete, gres ceramics, granite, marble and natural stone - at high precicion. The bluetec diamond drilling machine made in EU is manoeuvrable and powerfull.

tile drills - for perfect holes

A must for every tiler or bath room redeveloper are our diamond tile drill bits. With them cut outs or mice teeth as created by wrenches do not occure any more.

floor grinding machine and concrete grinder - for highest performance

If you have to grind regularily concrete floors you are depending on a top quality foor grinding machine. We do carry high performing machines for small and medium size areas up to 300 squre meters.

wall- and ceiling grinders

for ceiling heights of up to 5,2 m and wall heights of up to 4,6 m we do provide our diamond wall and ceiling grinding unit. Heavy duty overhead working is replaced by simple handling of this unit. Not just grinding of walls and ceilings even asbestos is one of the key applications of the wall and ceiling grinding unit.

industrial vacuum cleaner for fine dust and dangerous particels

Proper working conditions at the construction site are guaranteed by our industrial vacuum cleaners even for dangerous applications like asbestos. You can choose between several models as of 18 - 100 L volumes.


With bluetec you can trust in

  • high performance products in good craftsmen resp. top performance quality
  • professional advice of products
  • 100% customer oriented service

When it comes to tools and machines there is only one choise, bluetec